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If you're planning drywall home remodel and were looking for a wall plastering finishers that sets the standard for quality and service, you found it. At Tapingwalls.com, we take our reputation and work seriously, which is why our clients continuously seek our wall covering services over anyone else's. we can finish any sized wall plastering service job. From house drywall plans-remodels & additions on a budget you can afford.

Tapingwalls.com are experts in a huge array of plastering services, ensuring each drywall plastering job is done correctly and efficiently. Give us a call and ask what we can do for you. We'll work with you and the best part of it all is that it doesn't have to be expensive.                                     

reviewed Tapingwalls.com — 5 star

Hi this is the owner from Marianne. We just want to share with you the after painting picture. We are extremely happy. We feel like we move to a brand new construction home now. No more bumpy and cheesy walls. Thanks to you and your team. Feel free to use our picture in your website or ad.

I just had my walls skim coated by Kenny and Kenny and I highly recommend them they really improved my walls and the beam work in my apartment they are very professional and very easy to communicate what your needs are and they understand that and listen which I found very refreshing they also are great at making suggestions. They are really easy-going guys which makes the process really enjoyable.

My husband hired Kenny to do the skim coat in my house but we wanted to sheetrock the walls at first and Kenny said he could fix them the way they were. My husband wasn't sure but the walls looked brand new. We are extremely happy with his work. I highly recommend Kenny to anyone that's looking to get their walls skim coated.

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Sally Techwin reviewed Tapingwalls.com — 5 star

I just recently had Kenny come to my house to fix my walls and he did a fantastic job and he put up a temporary wall to stop the dust from spreading in my house. I highly recommend Kenny.

I have a very old house with damaged plaster walls. Kenny put new corners and corner beads in every room and fixed all my cracks. He also painted everything and it looks great should of called him years ago. Thank you again!

Dave Foose reviewed Tapingwalls.com — 5 star

Kenny did all the skim coat in my living room and dining room and it came out beautiful. Thanks Kenny.

Paul Davis reviewed Tapingwalls.com — 5 star

Kenny put up a dust barrier in my kitchen so that the dust didn't spread in my house and It worked very well. Very professional. Thank you again.

I was pleasantly surprised when Kenny put up a temporary wall in my house to keep the dust in the area I was having work done. He's Very professional.

I was recommended by a friend to call Kenny for the taping & painting in my house.... Everything looks beautiful. Thanks

Frank Harris reviewed Tapingwalls.com — 5 star

Kenny did the taping and painting in my basement and I am very happy with the job he did

Svend Thomsen reviewed Tapingwalls.com — 5 star

Thank you for your professionalism Kenny. My kitchen and laundry rm look great.

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